The problem

Vehicle telematics is intelligent network connectivity on wheels. The connected car isn’t a new idea – factory embedded systems are available today in many new vehicles – but aftermarket telematics solutions have been expensive and complicated to develop and implement.

Until now…

Velio makes vehicle telematics easy to implement, cost efficient and scalable for mass markets. We enable for vehicle data to be embedded into web and mobile software. We take care of the hardware and messy telecom requirements and expose a globally available cloud API that developers can interact with to build connected cars.


Be a passenger on every trip your customers take.

In order to retrieve data from a vehicle, you need a hardware device. Velio’s small, OBD-II plugs are designed to meet your data requirements at a competitive cost. You want white label? We can do it.

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Designed to meet your specific data requirements, our Plug & Drive devices are robust, inexpensive and customizable.

An OBD-II interface is used to read diagnostics data and other information, including speed, mileage and fuel consumption from the vehicle’s engine control unit. Our devices also incorporate an accelerometer to analyze driving behavior and built-in GPS modules with internal antennas.

  • Easy installation

    The plug can be self installed in any vehicle built after 1996 and connect directly to a vehicle’s OBD-II port. This port is most commonly found under the car’s dashboard or near the center console.

  • Inexpensive

    We designed our components to reduce costs yet still deliver high performance. Until now, cost has been a barrier to entry into the telematics market; we wanted to take cost out of the vehicle telematics equation.

  • Robust

    The devices designed for use on Velio’s Global Roaming network integrate a SIM card (soft-SIM) with the cellular modem, removing the need for external components. This simplifies supply chain logistics and, more importantly, makes the device more robust and reliable. We can also design devices to work on other networks, depending on your specific requirements.

  • Customizable

    We want to become the supplier of choice for the connected car industry, for our vehicle telematics devices and our complete connected car solution Today, we customize our devices to meet your branding, data and hardware requirements.


Ensure your customers’ cars are always connected.

Our devices use secure machine-to-machine (m2m) cellular data exchange to send and receive vehicle data in real time. We act as your global wireless network operator, roaming seamlessly across proven mobile networks. We get your application the data it requires. You get the information you need for your business.

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Velios’ Global Connectivity solution is cost-efficient and secure.

That means instant connectivity as soon as our device is plugged into a vehicle, without the need to negotiate contracts or comply with local network providers.

  • Cost-efficient

    Competitive costing isn’t just about securing a good rate for every kilobyte of data sent; it’s also dependent on the payload for data transmission. Velio’s Global Connectivity network architecture is designed to optimize the message payload, thereby reducing the cost to send data.

  • Reliability

    For applications where reliability is critical, Velio can roam on any local network, automatically switching to where signals are strongest, ensuring seamless and dependable service for our customers. This improves the performance of the service for mission critical applications.

  • secture

    When connecting vehicles to wireless networks, security is critical. If not, anyone can access in-vehicle systems, locate vehicles, unlock doors and drive away. Our Global Connectivity solution utilizes end-to-end encryption and we authenticate both the device and the servers. Velio’s algorithms are based on trusted standards and protocols used across industries.

  • Global reach

    There’s no need to negotiate and maintain multiple carrier relationships to secure global network coverage when you can get everything you need in one place. Velio has roaming agreements with many global telecom operators, providing reliable service, great coverage and competitive pricing in more than 200 countries.


The building blocks you need to develop your application and service.

Velio opens up new ways for developers to engage with their customers, and deliver new services based on the user’s driving behaviour, vehicle data, and location. Velio provides a rich set of tools and development kits to help you to build, test and deliver a new class of solutions.

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We started Velio to make it easier for developers to build apps to communicate with cars.

Our rich set of API’s enable you to create cloud-based, easy-to-manage applications and to integrate vehicle data generated by our devices directly into your business process.

  • Build your own Firmware

    If you have specific requirements or have developed firmware you would like to port over to our devices, you can do this via our API.

  • Web, Mobile & Third party integrations

    Build web or native apps for any browser, mobile device or tablet.

  • Third party integrations

    Make your app more powerful by extending Velio's functionality, adding new features, or connecting third party services such as

  • Velio for

    You spent a lot of time and money to set up you CRM system. Via our API we allow you to easily integrate vehicle data with making it even easier to keep track of cars in an integrated environment. With our Chatter stream integration, you can view alerts and notifications directly in your Chatter account.

Test Tools

Velio provides software testing tools to inspect data flowing between the vehicle and our developer device. The test tools are real-world vehicle ECUs representing a variety of automotive manufacturers and models.

These are provided in a virtual environment, allowing engineers to test and develop products without the need to vehicle access.


Your application, powered by Velio.

We provide a variety of services, including over-the-air firmware upgrades and database management, to help you manage and run your applications more efficiently. We deliver our services in the Platform-as-a-Service model enabling rapid implementation while providing scalable technology.

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Velio helps you manage the mission-critical processes

Whether your application connects 10 or 10 million vehicles, it needs to run smoothly. Velio helps you manage the mission-critical processes behind your connected car applications so that you can focus on running your business. Our management solutions are easy and scalable, and deliver a rich set of features.

  • Hosted Services

    Velio provides all the elements of our technology in a web-scale Platform as a Services (PaaS) offering, delivered from our worldwide network of cloud-based service centers. No more worrying about large hardware investments and long-term contracts; just pay for what you use and scale up or down as required.

  • Database Management

    The Velio platform auto-provisions, meaning you keep plugging in devices to cars and we’ll keep making the data immediately available to your apps. Once your application is talking to your customers’ cars, our platform can manage thousands of vehicles and millions of data points on scalable server technology you can trust.

  • Big data

    Analyze and use data generated by vehicles to generate new business and revenue opportunities.

  • Scalable

    The Velio platform is designed with scalability in mind (no minimum or maximum requirements) and is capable of storing billions of records, even petabytes, per customer.

  • Dashboard

    Velio provides a web based dashboard for device and network management as part of our Telematics-as-a-service offering.

  • Firmware over the air upgrades (FOTA)

    Keep your devices up to date through Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates.